756 Chapel Street - Floor 2 New Haven, CT 06511

Hooks & Rack built by us. Holding Brimfield Bags by LAYERXLAYER.

Some vintage & some salvaged items.

Pencil Bucket by Doug Johnston - interfaces quite nicely with a LAYERXLAYER Clamp.

Handpainted pouch by LAYERXLAYER.

Custom pins for Plural Work/Shop by Urbahnika.

We Are LxL: Aleutian - CUST01


Custom Order - customer was visiting New Haven from Massachusetts.


One of the things we really hoped would happen by having a physical workshop/storefront was custom orders. To be honest, spending hours making the same thing over and over again is not the most fulfilling activity, nor is it an incredible efficient use of our time. We make it a point to avoid that…

(Source: layerxlayer)

We set up a table on Orange Street so kids (and adults) could use our woodblock stamps to print their own pouches. 

Teaching the kids of New Haven a little something about quality & craft. Based on the way the city has been changing lately, these kids can really use the lesson.


Newly added wooden utensils to Plural Work/Shop. Crafted out of American Hardwoods in the U.S.A. 

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